The AMERICAN DINER was located on Euclid Ave. & 71st Street in Cleveland, Ohio from 1942 until 1956. It was part of a chain of diners owned by American Diners Incorporated of Cleveland, Ohio. This particular Diner was managed by the renown Kenny King who went on to open his popular chain of Kenny Kings Restaurants. It was purchased by Diversified Diners in 1995 (from the last owners in Munster, Pennsylvania) and returned to Cleveland. It is undergoing a complete restoration.
This classic Jerry O'Mahony diner was built in 1937 (serial number 1121) and measures 48 foot long by a mere 10 foot wide. It seats 33 as designed and will ship very affordably due to it's manageable size. Click on the thumbnail photos below for additional photographs and text.
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Photos of the diner in 1994. Period photos from 1952 Mickey's Diner an almost identical O'Mahony Diner. Floor plan and history of the American Diner.
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Miscellaneous details Photos of the roof tear down Photos of the roof reassembly Photos of the ongoing restoration.

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